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Missing item 1 hand crossbow
« on: August 01, 2016, 10:44:37 AM »
Hi Synergies,

I'm playing as an Outlander using Windows and my friend is playing Guardian using MacOS and my friend can never see my equipped (during inspect) item as below:
-Prototype Set Glove
-Prototype Set Boot
-1 handed crossbows
I've also tried to trade those 1 handed crossbows to my friend and it always goes missing
What is causing this??

- My view @
- My friend's view @

what other mods do you have:
SynergiesMOD Compatible Torchlight 2
Guardian Class

what were you doing when you found the bug
My friend just inspect me and accept the trade item

what class are you playing as?

what pet do you have

have you transformed your pet
yes, to Enchanted Manticore

if you were zoning in what zone were you going to

if you were crashing on loading the game what zone were you in
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