Author Topic: Best end game build for tier 0.5 and tier 1 sets?  (Read 1646 times)


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Best end game build for tier 0.5 and tier 1 sets?
« on: September 19, 2016, 10:47:29 AM »
Hey all!

Does anyone have any build advise for tier .5 and tier 1 sets? They seem like they are designed for less minion centric builds. I could be wrong but thats just my impression when I take a look at them. Does anyone have any good end game builds based around these sets? I'm currently farming my tier .5 gear and I'm not sure my current build will be optimal since its a summoning build

any insight would be very much appreciated


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Re: Best end game build for tier 0.5 and tier 1 sets?
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2016, 09:07:54 AM »
The most simple answer i can give you is that Necro minion builds are next to useless for Darkness Falls.

Minions are just not powerful enough to be of any use, even after Salan buffed them to be more useful, the core problem with the pets and minions, is their super slow Attack speed AND dumb AI, they have a combined low damage as well even if you go all-out +pet and minion dmg.

I tried it out myself a long time ago and maxed pet and minion dmg with the current best set for pet and minion builds which gave me about ~2100% pet and minion dmg, and minions still sucked ass.

The main problem is their low attack speed and dumb AI, the dragon for example can wonder off and do nothing for several seconds before it attacks, stuff like that contributes heavily as to why pet and minion builds are useless in DF, it works for T0 and T0.5 content, but that's because all builds on all characters pretty much works for that content as it's easy content.
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