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Lost shared stash items
« on: October 19, 2016, 05:51:17 PM »
Doing few farm runs in Orak pass /basin, goin trough the portal to DF , then clicked to go back to Orak Basin, the game crashed, nothing esspecialy into the report window - doesnt show the info for crashing. I  closed the game and start it again , done one more run , go back to table mountin to sell the items and discover that all tabs of my shared stash items are empty.Is there a way to bring back the lost items from the  shared stash or I just have  to paste my backup saves from the last days? When that happened my pet was transformed / actually it was  transformed last 3-4 weeks/.
well for more detailed info :
what other mods do you have -no other mods
what were you doing when you found the bug- clicked the portal
what class are you playing as?-berserker
what pet do you have-wolf
have you transformed your pet-yes
if you were zoning in what zone were you going to-from DF to Orak Basin
if you were crashing on loading the game what zone were you in -when crashed I was in DF, when loading the game again was in table mountin
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