Author Topic: Necromancer - Bone spikes crashing game  (Read 268 times)


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Necromancer - Bone spikes crashing game
« on: January 05, 2017, 07:23:04 PM »
what other mods do you have

My load order from top to bottom:
8 player MP
Blanks Landmarks
Ember Gem Upgrade
Extra Chunky
Minimalistic loot borders
Respec / Restat potion
Synergies Highloot
Unusable items are red
Xev's pets

what were you doing when you found the bug

Running realm of discord and tier 0 raid on my Necromancer, spamming Bone Spikes.

what class are you playing as?


what pet do you have

Poison Elemental

have you transformed your pet

Not that I remember, this is a fairly old character

if you were zoning in what zone were you going to


if you were crashing on loading the game what zone were you in


Further information that may help:

Computer specs: CPU: AMD FX-8350 - 16GB of ram - GPU: GTX 1070

It may also be worth noting that I turned down the vast majority of graphical options to see if it were simply the particle effects or something of that nature overloading the system, but it didn't help.