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Performance issues
« on: January 21, 2017, 01:29:54 PM »

I used to play Synergies a lot back when I still had windows without any problems (besides that naked guy in the enclave.. :o)
Now I moved on to Linux and playing with their version of course. I wanted to play a necromancer again, so I installed Synergies again.

Problem now is: My game is kind of in slow-motion nearly all the time now. LowPop didn't helped and other (overhaul) mods never caused such a drastical drop in my performance. Without Synergies it works fine, at least I don't notice much slow-motion (except frozen fate or shatter storn freeze half the screen but that's kind of fitting, isn't it?)
Do you guys have any hints of raising the speed again? Tried the lowest graphics but didn't change a bit.

Currently running those mods in case it matters:
- more skill per fame
- alternate skill scaling
- longer duration
- Mamba's Mod Merge (core + compability)
- Synergies (+ highloot and +/- lowpop)
- powerful enchanter