Author Topic: About the "Tier0 Derinkuyu Raid Dungeon"  (Read 90 times)


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About the "Tier0 Derinkuyu Raid Dungeon"
« on: April 06, 2017, 11:49:23 AM »
Anyone encounter problems like me. When I get to the Derinkuyu dungeon, kills a gate keeper and get in the deeper gate and got out, the dungeon rerolls. Died, return and the dungeon also rerolls. I mean, whenever I get out and get in again, the dungeon just rerolls itself. Is this intended or it's just 'cause I brought my dual-wield Outlander from the original to the mod. The issue never happen with the Tier0,5 Or'Ak Basin, get in and get out, everything still OK, but Derinkuyu....
P/s: I have patch 1311 and old Outlander from the original Torchlight game (100 already).

And 1 more thing, the guys who gave u the quest "kill 50 war beast, 30 deathfinger and 30...." will give u that quest twice if u get back, is that normal 'cause while leveling u already kill all the beasts, there r no more for the 2nd time. And by "Blightland" do u mean the Blightbogs in ACT III, a guy gave me the quest to kill a witch champion in the Blightland. Never got one :|

And tks in advance if someone could help me out :D