Author Topic: Looking for an up-to-date guide on Synergies differences and features  (Read 437 times)


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Hi everyone. A few friends and I are going to be getting into Synergies soon but first we are looking for a "features and changes" type of guide which shows the differences between vanilla Torchlight 2 and the Synergies mod. Now, I'm quite familiar with vanilla mechanics so I'm looking for the specific changes/differences between game systems such as attributes (for example, does Vitality give more HP in Synergies, etc.), skill changes/balances to the base 4 classes, weapon systems (are certain weapons balanced differently, etc.), drop/loot changes, other general stat changes or balances, and so on.

I've seen a bunch of guides showing what content Synergies adds but not necessarily what specific balance changes there are from vanilla. New content is great and all but... first we want to know how the game works before we play it :)

If anyone can help me out and link me some guides containing this balance information it would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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I really should have posted a link to this earlier, this guy did a lot of work on it!
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