Author Topic: Torchlight 2 & EA Origin (access)  (Read 154 times)


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Torchlight 2 & EA Origin (access)
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:55:53 AM »
Hi everyone!

I found out about this mod via google yesterday and the result was a half day trying to get any mods running. It looks like TL2-owner through Origin canīt play with mods. The problem is nothing within the gamefile structure, it is simply that link to EAīs launcher.
F.e. if i try to start the game through the modlauncher the normal window appears where i can start vanilla or the actual modlauncher itself. (this happens if in the settings of Origin the modlauncher.exe is chosen) After starting the modlauncher and selecting the synergies mod i can press on the bottom right and nothing happens, it just close. Guess starts the EA-launcher and that starts to try to start the modlauncher (actually a circle and therefore nothing happens)
If i select the other option in Origin, start Torchlight2.exe, it does what it has to do, it starts the vanilla game without the window. starts the vanilla game even if i doublleklick the modlauncher.exe! Cause both exe are linked to origins it seems to be impossible to launch a game with mods.

I wrote this to you guys because you might have an idea how to get mods running anyways. I allready tried the steam-exe-files, nothing. I tried nearly every tip i found on the web about this topic, but most problems were related to steam-version or simple ppl who didnīt know where to put the file etc.
If i canīt play with modlauncher, is there a way to add the files in the synergies.mod to the actual game files? i donīt need the vanilla version. ;)

Any idea is welcome and great job on this modpack!