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Jabberwocky's Vorpal Sword
« on: August 06, 2017, 12:36:54 PM »
What does "20% chance to cast Face Smasher on strike" do? Atm both Juggernauts 2h weapons don't do that much dmg...
Whirlpool of Fate just destroys both of them with dps and crit dmg...

Edit: Face Smasher seems to double the dmg on strike for either normal or critical hit + it's  applying every on hit trait from weapons and armor to skills.
       When Face Smasher proc's mana stolen and health stolen works on skills, haven't tested other things but should work aswell

NOTE: Anyone who wants to use Juggernaut set get the Jabberwocky's Vorpal Sword, polearms not that great... Even though I lost around 17k crit dmg face smasher make's up for it big time with its faster attack speed, chance to double dmg and at the same time proc all on hit traits/skill from armor/weapons.
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